About Catch the Vision Ltd

Catch the Vision is a business management consultancy, applying creativity to achieve positive outcomes through:

  • visioning
  • facilitation
  • strategic analysis
  • partnership building
  • action planning
  • organisational development
  • project management.

Catch the Vision’s Executive Director is Graham Bennett, a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute.

Enthusiastic about transferring skills and learning across sectors and work disciplines, Graham’s experience has shown that, with a shared vision, we can achieve so much more together than we can separately.

A recurring theme has been managing change – responding to challenges and seizing opportunities, using creativity to unlock potential.

Graham’s varied career has developed the following Signature Themes:

Strategic: creating alternative ways to proceed; when faced with any given scenario, able to quickly spot the relevant patterns and issues.

Connectedness: having faith in the links between all things; believing that there are few coincidences and that almost every event has a reason.

Futuristic: being inspired by the future and what could be, able to inspire others with visions of the future.

Maximizer: focusing on strengths as a way to stimulate personal and group excellence; seeking to transform something strong into something superb.

Input: having a craving to know more; often collecting and archiving all kinds of information.

The Signature Themes are as identified using the StrengthsFinder methodology given in ‘Now Discover Your Strengths’ by Marcus Buckingham and Donald O Clifton.

See ‘Thoughts from Graham’, for a variety of ideas, concepts and questions – all designed to provoke further thought – so please feel free to leave your own thoughts and contributions.


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