Politics, Marketing, Leadership & Management

In the UK we have had experience of partnership working, involving people from different political parties, as well as involving people who are not involved in party politics. Things go well, and often a measure of agreement can be reached on difficult issues, UNTIL we get near election times. Then the reality of party politics requires that politicians exaggerate their differences because of the need to get elected ahead of the ‘other lot’ – using the language of the market place, they have to grow “market differentiation”.

But at the same time as the media demands conflict and differentiation between the parties, the media analysis and debate often narrows down the options available – leading to arguments about who came up with what ideas.

And if this wasn’t difficult enough, sometimes we may be in danger of Leadership and Management becoming inverted:

* Leadership – often defined as “doing the right thing”; and
* Management – usually “doing the thing right”.

Is Government, and its legislative processes, becoming too Managerial – focusing on “doing the thing right”?

Should Government have more trust in managers – so that our leaders can concentrate on making sure that we are “doing the right thing”?

How does this all look from your viewpoint?

If any of these concerns are valid, what does it mean for the future of politics and our society?

And what does all this mean for partnership working between politicians and non-politicians?

Of course, asking the questions is easier than giving the answers – that takes more than one brain!

Do share your thoughts . . . . . . . . .


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2 Responses to “Politics, Marketing, Leadership & Management”

  1. Sherita Searcy Says:

    * Leadership – often defined as “doing the right thing”; and
    * Management – usually “doing the thing right”.

    This is a profound way to look at leadership and management. Typically the spirit of leadership is taken hostage by big heads who impose their life philosophies on the “little people.” They hijack management as a way to impose their “rules”. This union can be great if the leader and the team is of one mind and on one accord. Great post. Sherita Searcy. http://www.sheritasearcy.com

  2. amberfireinus Says:

    Graham – doing the right thing is subjective isn’t it? Its all about perception, perspective and time. I think that our leaders should focus on the real issues rather than bandy about with their personal craziness and corruption. Maybe doing that, we’d actually get some positive work on the move!

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