Surprises can be good!

Looking at things from a different angle can be interesting.

And it can be fun as well!


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One Response to “Surprises can be good!”

  1. whitoid Says:

    The alternative perpective is usually the creative one……
    for many years now, my close friend and I have adopted this approach. When faced with a challenge we always end up in fits of giggles when one will turn to the other and bend down and peer backwards towards the other saying ‘well you can always look at it this way’
    this has never failed to break the moment from a serious blocked way of thinking in to seeing your friend smiling at you from the upside down then genuinely releases the mind to involuntary laughter…a cure for almost anything.

    On a subliminal note this links into changine the ‘state’, if you feel a certain way or can’t think through something, then standing, walking, stretching, changing your physical position can alter the minds cycle of thinking a certain way.

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