Can Adults be Adults?

In a supermarket in Hull I found a clear plastic sticky label stuck to the inside of a shoe.

The label read, in several languages, “Do not eat”.

There was nothing to say whether the exhortation “Do not eat” applied to the label, or to the shoe, or to everything in general including food.

Is it not reasonable to assume that, if we can understand what was meant by the label, we would not need it?

How much of the earth’s scarce resources are we now consuming because we are treating adults as if they were children?

In Ireland, vacant buildings carry a sign to say that they are dangerous, and that anyone entering does so without any legal redress against the owner. Reference is made to an Act of Parliament under which such a Notice can be displayed – presumably not in contravention of EU Laws.

Should we not be able to expect adults to behave as adults, taking responsibility for the consequences of our actions and inactions?


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One Response to “Can Adults be Adults?”

  1. whitoid Says:

    I agree!
    I also wonder how much this sort of ‘overcare’ prevents people taking ownership for their own lives and conduct. Perhaps this state of affairs is creating a dependant nation…which is a source of frustration to the silent majority of repsonsible independant adults.
    I wonder what this bodes for the coming generations state. a litigeous society awash with notices.

    You only have to drive on Britains roads today to be bombarded with notices in bright colours, telling us different things all at the same time, which actually serves to distract the eye from the task of driving.

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