How lucky to be you, and living now!

The chances of winning the Lottery have been said to be about 1 in 14million.

That’s the equivalent of throwing a dart and, by good luck, just happening to hit the right one millimetre square, out of the 14million one millimetre squares which would be on a piece of paper 3.5metres high (11’6″) by 4metres long (13’0″).

But that’s nothing compared to the chances of being you, and living now!

Since the beginning of humankind, it is likely that 100,000million people have lived or are living. And if you were going to be one of them, which one would it be? What’s to say you would be born now, rather in the Middle Ages with no dental care? Or perhaps in a war torn region of the world? Well the chances of being you, alive now, could be the equivalent of throwing a dart and, by good luck, just happening to hit ‘your’ one millimetre square out of the 100,000million one millimetre squares on a wall the size of about 10 football pitches.

By anybody’s reckoning, aren’t we really luck to be us, and alive now?


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3 Responses to “How lucky to be you, and living now!”

  1. brainteaser Says:

    Hello! Finally, I found this post. 🙂 I can’t thank you enough for leading me to it.

    This is a good piece, something I would like to read again and again especially during the times when I forget how special and lucky I am that it was my “one-mm square” that was hit when the dart was thrown; that I am the one experiencing and living life, instead of any other 1-mm square; and that I was born when I was, and I am where I am. Thank you for pointing that out, and for reminding us.

    Yours is a post of acceptance of our circumstances, and a celebration not just of who we are, but THAT WE ARE (hmm, am I making sense?).

    Thank you, catchthevision for sharing this insightful post. I’d definitely read your archive. And if you don’t mind, I’d like to link you in my wordpress blogs: ‘photographic thoughts’ and ‘brainteaser’.


  2. catchthevision Says:

    You make perfect sense! Someimes it’s ok to have to read things more than once to understand it!!
    I’d be honoured if you choose to link to this blog from your blogs, thanks very much.

  3. jytix Says:

    I can see why you referenced this post of yours in your comment on my blog.
    It is a very interesting concept, however the it’s not as big a chance as you suggest in my opinion.
    Because we have absolutly zero control over it, we don’t even know we’re taking the chance. Therefore there’s no risk, as we don’t really know what we’re missing out on.
    It’s like if a dog was born in the wild, it’d go out hunting and be able to survive by itself, yet if it was born in a human controlled enviroment, it wouldn’t know any of those skills or feelings the wild counterpart would, yet it would be just as happy because it doesn’t know any different.

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